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Employee/Owners Saving Energy and Money at Home

Cape Air creates and supports workplace educational programs that help link employees to providers of energy audits, low-cost home energy efficiency programs, home solar installations, and equipment rebates.

  • In home sign-ups for community solar
  • Employee Home Solar Incentive Program
  • Employee Electric Vehicle Incentive Program
  • Work-from-home flexibility for employees to reduce commuting time, expense, and carbon burn
  • LED light bulb program distributed efficient light bulbs to all employees. The bulb program has matched in electricity saving the production from Cape Air's solar projects
  • Free EV charging at corporate headquarters in Hyannis, MA

“We are saving almost 30% on our gas heating bills at home.  It is nice to work for an employer that was so interested in putting us together with the energy audits and facilitating for us with the local energy efficiency programs to get our rebates and incentives.  The money we are saving on those bills comes in handy as we raise our children.” 
- Eva Golarz, Customer Relations/Corporate Culture Representative


 "I've owned an Electric Vehicle since 2019. I received my Cape Air rebate when I bought my car, and along with the state and federal benefits it was very affordable. I use the company's free charging stations to top off the battery while I'm at work. We like the car so much that I have ordered a Ford Lightning E-150. Driving an EV, I feel that I am doing what is right in terms of mitigating my family's carbon footprint and addressing climate change."




Travel Destinations

Cape Cod & the Islands

Cape Cod was where it all started for Cape Air, and we still have our roots planted in Hyannis with our corporate headquarters. We're proud to serve the beautiful Cape & Islands year-round.


Our wings cover the best of the Northeast, with daily, year-round flights from our hub in Boston to VT, NH, ME and NY.


We fly Chicago - O'Hare to Manistee, Michigan.

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If time is money, save both. Our fast flights across Eastern Montana from our hub in Billings will get you to your destination in a fraction of the time it takes to drive. Later Lonesome Road!


With up to 100 flights a day in Puerto Rico, the USVI, West Indies, and the BVI, you have the flexibility to fly when you want to, and easily connect with major carriers.


Our "first flight of the day" is always from our hub in Guam. Operating as United Express, we serve the islands of Guam, Rota and Saipan. To book Micronesia flights, visit

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