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Count on us to make travel throughout the New England, New York, the Caribbean, Eastern Montana and the Midwest convenient and enjoyable for you and your customers.

Why Choose Cape Air?

Because we share with your clients our own unique style of customer service: MOCHA HAGoTDI. We also offer:

  • Frequent, reliable flights
  • No change or cancellation fees on tickets purchased through Cape Air
  • Convenient connections through major airline partnerships
  • Excellent customer service


Booking a Flight

For travel on Cape Air (9K) only:

  • You may book an itinerary consisting of all Cape Air (9K) segments through your GDS system. Agencies are not able to "plate" tickets on Cape Air, but you may transmit the customer's credit card number to Cape Air through an SSR entry as shown below.
  • We will then issue an electronic ticket and return the ticket number to you in a PNR history SSR field (TNKE).
  • Cape Air accepts Visa, Master Card, and American Express for itineraries that contain exclusively Cape Air (9K) segments.
  • Any PNR not ticketed within 24 hours of booking will be canceled to free up the space for someone else to book.
  • To receive a confirmation email after ticketing please provide the email address through an SSR entry.
  • Please allow up to 2 hours for ticket processing during our business hours – 6:00am-9:00pm, Eastern Time.
  • Alternatively, you may book Cape Air space on our website:
  • Discount ticket books (10 coupon commuter books) can only be purchased through our website, reservations office, or airport. Agencies may book segments for their customers who are using a discount ticket book, by booking seats in “W” class and including the commuter book ticket number in the TKNM SSR field.
  • Please include TSA Secure Flight Passenger Data in all PNRs (date of birth, gender, redress number if applicable). In the DOCS SSR Field.

SSR OTHS Format Example

OTHS 9K VI9999999999999999/1210 (card#) / (exp date)
OTHS 9K USD150 (fare as quoted by your GDS)

Email Request Example


For underscore please use a double dot;    ..
For  @ symbol please use double slash;  //

For itineraries containing both Cape Air (9K) and other airline segments

You may book an itinerary consisting of Cape Air and other airline segments through your GDS system.
Please try to book customer’s complete itinerary in the same PNR for any carrier with which we have an interline ticket/baggage agreement. This will allow each airline to check customer’s baggage through to the final destination. Booking itineraries in separate PNRs will require customers to claim their baggage at the connecting city and recheck it.

Agents using Sabre, Worldspan, Apollo, Galileo, or Amadeus may issue an Electronic ticket for an itinerary that includes Cape Air (9K) along with an airline with which we have an E-Ticket Agreement (see below). You must force validation of the e-ticket with another airline in the itinerary, as it is not possible to validate on 9K.
Sabre, Worldspan, Apollo, Galileo, and Amadeus agents may also issue a paper ticket for itineraries that include Cape Air and another airline with which we have a paper ticket agreement. Note that some airlines require an additional paper ticket fee.

Alternatively, you may send Cape Air a credit card number as shown below for an itinerary that includes Cape Air and other airlines. We will charge the card and issue a an E-ticket for the 9K segments only.
Forms of payment applicable to the carrier on which you are validating the ticket should be accepted.

Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD)

Agents are asked to begin collecting passengers' date of birth, gender, and redress number (if applicable) and enter into PNRs using industry standard DOCS entries. Check with your GDS system provider for formats.

Cape Air Airline Agreements

Airline Ticketing Agreement Type Connecting Baggage Connecting Boarding Pass
American Electronic Yes Yes
Delta Electronic Yes Yes
Hawaiian Paper Yes -
JetBlue Electronic Yes Yes
United Electronic Yes Yes
USAir Electronic Yes -