Cape Air Goes Green

Saving Energy at Home

We create and support opportunities for employees and customers to become educated, participate in, implement, and achieve recognition for sustainable practices, both at home and at work:

  • Hosted employee in-service sessions focused on energy savings opportunities including conservation tips, home solar feasibility, opportunities for energy audits and energy rebate/incentive programs.
  • Facilitated home solar feasibility assessments for employees.
  • Distributed 2,550 compact fluorescent light bulbs to 850 employees. Use of all bulbs will cut electricity use by an amount equal to the annual consumption of 30 average Massachusetts homes and will reduce carbon emissions equal to taking 38 cars off the road. Employee electric bills should go down by roughly $50 a year by using the three CF bulbs.


“We are saving almost 30% on our gas heating bills at home.  It is nice to work for an employer that was so interested in putting us together with the energy audits, and facilitating for us with the local energy efficiency programs to get our rebates and incentives.  The money we are saving on those bills comes in handy as we begin to raise our first child.” 
- Eva Golarz, Customer Relations/Corporate Culture Representative