Cape Air Goes Green

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency at Our Facilities

Cape Air has put in place energy measures that aim to make its corporate headquarters a net-zero electricity user on an annual basis.  The building’s improvements combine intensive energy efficiency measures which will save 30% total energy use in the building, with state-of the-art renewable energy technology.

• Installation of a 258 kilowatt solar photovoltaic project, (at the time of its construction the largest in Southeastern Massachusetts) to produce clean renewable electricity.

• Installation of lighting relay panels, occupancy sensors, photocells and override switches to provide zone control of lighting in the hangar, restrooms, storage rooms and offices.

• Complete energy upgrades to the building shell upgrading insulation, windows and doors, and HVAC systems to reduce energy loss and increase comfort.

“We hope our success and the comprehensive approach we have taken will motivate other businesses to explore the types of energy measures that could help them reduce environmental impacts and save money.”
- Jim Wolf, Director, Sustainability Initiative Director