Cape Air Goes Green

Recycling, Waste Reduction and Product Sourcing

Reduce, reuse, recycle are the tenets of Cape Air’s strategy to shrink its waste stream and the costs and environmental impacts associated with consumption. 

  • Recycling programs are tailored to Cape Air operations centers. Initial estimates are that trash waste is reduced by 50% in some locations. 
  • Unused computer equipment is donated for reuse by community organizations or is recycled responsibly.
  • Paper saving default settings are used on printers and multi-function devices.
  • Life-cycle costs and paper savings potential are built into equipment procurement decisions. Newly purchase printers will reduce faxed pages by 1,500 per month.


“Rather than dictate, we provide information and support to help our managers reduce waste and make smart purchasing decisions that fit the needs of their location.”
- Peter Farrell, Director, Supply Chain