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  • 3/14-16                 *Women In Aviation- Nashville, TN                      (Recruiting for all positions)

  • 4/3                         Bridgewater State University- Bridgewater, MA    (Recruiting for all positions)

  •  4/5                         Western Michigan University- Kalamazoo, MI     (Recruiting for pilots & mechanics)

  • 4/12                       *FAPA/OBAP- Chicago, IL                                 (Recruiting for pilots)

  • 4/19                       University of North Dakota- Grand Forks, ND      (Recruiting for pilots)

  • 5/17                       *FAPA- Boston, MA                                            (Recruiting for pilots)

  • 5/18                       *Aero Crew Solutions- Chicago, IL                       (Recruiting for pilots)

  • 5/25                       National Aviation Academy- Clearwater, FL          (Recruiting for mechanics)

  • 7/10                       Mohawk Valley Community College- Rome, NY   (Recruiting for mechanics)

  • 8/28                       Rocky Mountain College- Billings, MT                   (Recruiting for pilots)

  • 10/9                       ERAU- Daytona, Fl                                               (Recruiting for all positions)

  • 10/30                     Kent State- Kent, OH                                            (Recruiting for pilots)


*Please note that only the events marked with an asterisk are open to the general public



For information on Pilot Recruiting, the Gateway Program or upcoming recruiting events please contact Pilot Recruiting at pilotjobs@capeair.com.