Connecting with JetBlue


Booking/Purchasing Connecting flights between Cape Air and Jet Blue

If you are planning to book and purchase  an itinerary that includes travel with Cape Air and Jet Blue,  we recommend that you book  and purchase your entire itinerary together on the same ticket.   This is the best way to ensure that your bags will be checked through to your final destination, and also allow you to receive connecting boarding passes from airlines with whom we have an agreement.

You can book travel that includes Cape Air and Jet Blue online at  or you can call
1-800-JET-BLUE   or   866-CAPE-AIR to book and purchase your complete itinerary.

Booking Connecting flights when using a Cape Air commuter book ticket

If you are planning to use your commuter book for your Cape Air flight along with  a connecting Jet Blue flight, we recommend that you CALL CAPE AIR (1-866-CAPE-AIR)  so that we can book your commuter book reservation and sell your connecting Jet Blue itinerary in the same record.

If you have previously booked a separate  Jet Blue itinerary /ticket and have a separate Cape Air commuter book reservation and will want to check bags through to your final destination, you  may call Jet Blue (1-800-JET-BLUE) in advance of your travel and ask to speak with their “Interline and Distribution Support Desk” (IDS Desk).    Have your Cape Air confirmation in front of you, and provide the Jet Blue support desk with your  Cape Air flight numbers, dates, and routing, so that they can add it to your Jet Blue itinerary.